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The Government is putting local action at the heart of efforts to maintain energy bills homes and down warm, with a #40-million opponent aimed at driving local initiatives to boost energy efficiency, reduce fuel poverty and encourage collective switching and purchasing.

This capital provided by the federal government can help local councils to acquire down energy bills. Solar power Perth This financing will also support the launching of new initiatives that will help residents to save money by clubbing together to get a better power agreement.

This funding will also support the launch of new initiatives to help residents to save money by clubbing together to get a better energy deal. The competition which runs by the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC), comes in three parts, each with a separate pot of money, a whopping £25million to help householders keep warm this winter.

Local councils are being invited to bid for up to £25 million to help improve the thermal efficiency of homes in local areas. This competition is aimed at helping low-income people keep warm during winter and aims to help cut heating costs by installing energy efficient boilers and loft and cavity wall insulation.

£10 million to kick start Green Deal projects. There will also be £10 million available for Green Deal projects for local councils. This money can be used for schemes aimed at promoting Green Deal from complete house retrofits to demonstrate the benefits of energy efficiency to residents, plus engagement events to help raise awareness of what needs to be done to make the UK a greener place. The Pioneer Places scheme will build on the investment that is already being channeled into Green Deal Low Carbon Cities, of which there are seven that were announced this month, which will help more councils to benefit.

Cheaper Energy Together’: £5 million to set up collective switching schemes. There will also be money available for councils and other organizations in England, Scotland, and Wales for the ‘Cheaper Energy Together’ system. This is aimed at helping set up collective switching schemes local areas. Joint purchasing and switching is an innovative way for consumers to group together (through a trusted third party) using market power to negotiate lower energy bills.

Potential bidders can apply for money under all of the competitions using a single application form. Bids for each of the competitions will then be judged separately against an excellent range of criteria including value for money, and potential to generate further investment.