Top rated Electric Smoker

What are the best electric smokers online?

Electric smokers are for those who love old school cooking but want the practicalities of the modern age. Electric smokers enable everyone to take part in the old tradition of smoking meat without all of the downsides.

Smoking meat (and other food) has been around for centuries and is probably one of the oldest cooking traditions. This slow cooking technique remains so popular because it produces some of the most tender and tasty food that you can imagine. The problem with smoking meat is that it’s time consuming and very intensive, not really compatible with the modern era.

While there are charcoal and wood smokers around in 2017 which offer some distinctive flavour, they just aren’t practical. An electric smoker eliminates the need to constantly supervise your equipment and food. Instead you can leave your food until it’s ready and enjoy all of the benefits.

How do Electric Smokers Work?

Bradley Original Electric SmokerElectric smokers have been designed to let you have full control of the cooking process. Instead of having to tend to a fire and keep the temperature consistent you can instead set a temperature, put your food inside and wait until it’s all done.

Electric smokers let you control the temperature and the density of the smoke inside the machine. These are the two crucial elements to creating succulent and delicious meat dishes.

The result is stress free cooking with meat that has the incredible taste and texture of authentic barbeque.

Finding the best Electric Smoker

As you can imagine electric smokers are very popular and that means there’s a lot of people manufacturing. In the crowded marketplace it’s important to be able to find the best and most appropriate electric smoker to fit your needs. We’ve had a look around and established the criteria of what you should be looking for:

● Size

Electric smokers come in a range of different shapes and sizes and the one you choose will be determined by your specific needs. If you’re just cooking for 1 or 2 of you you can go smaller, but if you love to host then you should be after a larger size. You can get electric smokers with 4 or more racks which is a ridiculous amount of meat for you and your friends.

● Efficiency

Now obviously electric smokers take electricity to work. It can become quite expensive to run that amount of heat for a long time so energy efficiency is something to consider. A lot of the modern smokers only use a limited amount of electricity but it’s something to look out for.

● Design

Ultimately it’s about the taste, but the design of the smoker is important too. There are a lot of different designs and styles out there to choose from so you can search around and find one which fits your existing home style.

● Price

With electric smokers, like any other kitchen equipment, you can spend as much as you like really. The price will be determined by a number of factors like size and brand but once you’ve established your budget you’ll want to find the best value for you.

The Best Electric Smokers

If you’re looking for the best electric smoker then you need to talk to an expert. For everything there is to know about electric smokers and the complete breakdown of products check out